Titanium Products (TiO2)


Illmenite — Titanium Products (TiO2)

Approximately 93% of world titanium minerals are used in the production of TiO2 pigment. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a white powder with high opacity and brilliant whiteness. It has exceptional covering capacity and is resistant to colour change, making it a highly desirable pigment and opacifier.

Applications of TiO2 pigment include:

• 57% as an opacifier in paints

• 20% in plastics

• 13% in paper

• 10% in inks and fibres

The remaining 7% of world titanium mineral production is used in non-pigment markets:

• Titanium metal

• Aerospace applications (aircraft, jet engines, satellites)

• Surgical equipment (metal joints, screws and pins, pacemakers)

• Sporting goods (golf clubs)

• Fluxes for welding rods to stabilise electric arcs and reduce slag viscosity formed during welding

• Blast furnaces and abrasive cleaning in the steel industry